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At its April 12th meeting the Vestry of All Saints Church unanimously adopted the following Resolution on Racial Justice.

Be it resolved that the Rector, Vestry and Staff will lead All Saints Church Pasadena on a path of activism for racial justice, committing to practice radical inclusivity of all racial, ethnic and cultural groups, and to both promote and practice allyship. We further commit to interrupt racism in all its manifestations at the personal, interpersonal, institutional and cultural level as well as to the work of recognizing, understanding, appreciating and celebrating both our similarities and our differences.

The resolution included ten action items which will be included in the work plan developed collaboratively by members of the COLORS ministry and the Peace & Justice Committee. The full text of the resolution is available on the All Saints website.

Trula Worthy-Clayton (chair of the Vestry Peace & Justice Committee) introduced the historic resolution with these remarks:

In January the Peace & Justice Committee received, from our COLORS ministry the first draft of a resolution on racial justice. Weeks of in-depth investigation by the committee followed by thoughtful deliberations at the Vestry/Staff Conference resulted in the resolution we present tonight. The chief architects of this document, Monique Thomas and Edna Trigg and Johari De-Witt-Rogers worked countless hours as a team and collaborated with a host of experts and stakeholders to move this resolution forward.

Many forces, some tragic others inspiring led us to this place in the history of All Saints Church.  The transformation of good intentions into effective actions, which result in tangible changes, begins with a formal expression of the values to which one is committed.

The values of respect for the dignity of every human being are deeply rooted in our baptismal covenant and All Saints Church has a long history of living out those values by striving to dismantle any system of oppression that demeans or disempowers any member of the human family. The Resolution on Racial Justice adopted on April 12th is an historic part of that work as an outward and visible sign of our inward and spiritual commitment to the work of making God’s love tangible in the world. We are grateful for all who worked to conceive, create and adopt this resolution and we commit ourselves to the work it calls us to do in the weeks, months and years ahead.

For more information contact Ada Ramirez at 626.583.2734 or aramirez@allsaints-pas.org