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We are delighted to announce that Diana Butler Bass will be with us on Sunday, December 6th for the Rector’s Forum. In the follow-up to her acclaimed Christianity After Religion, Diana’s new book Grounded examines how people are undergoing a new spiritual awakening—discovering God in new ways as well as shifting the way they understand and practice their faith.

In Christianity After Religion, Diana Butler Bass revealed how the “spiritual but not religious movement” is transforming the way individuals engage with God. In Grounded, she further explores our post-religion age, revealing how traditional notions of a top-down, heaven-oriented, distant God are being supplanted by an embodied theology that offers a new vision of God with us. God is active in every aspect of our lives—embodied in the physical world around us, our loved ones, our history, our culture and food, and in our greatest yearnings.

Analyzing current trends, news, data, literature, and pop culture, Bass shows how the world of church and spiritual practice are changing, moving outside the walls of the church and into the world around us, and cites spiritual texts, ancient traditions, theologists, teachers, and anecdotes from her own religious journey to explore the evolving life of faith. As she reports on the changes happening in the church and in religious communities across the country, she offers advice and insight to help readers join this emerging movement and become grounded in their own spiritual journey.

Mark your calendars now and join us as we welcome our friend Diana Butler Bass back to All Saints Church!