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Susan Brown

When I first arrived at All Saints, I remember feeling a bit confused at the use of the word “ministries” to describe what I might have thought of as “programs” or “services.” I understood ministry to be something one was “called” to be in or to have; I knew that I had been called to the healing ministry, and that others were called to preaching or teaching, but…

Fairly quickly, though, I got it: Each of the many ministries of All Saints Church is the outward manifestation of a deep passion, a drive to serve God, the community, the world, in a particular way.

Each does represent a call felt by all of those involved with it. We may feel that call on our first Sunday, or it may take us a while to hear the “still, small voice.” Sometimes we bend over backwards at All Saints to avoid using language that is too “churchy,” but here’s a place where I simply can’t do so: the call to ministry is more than just getting involved. It’s a way the Holy Spirit breaks through our busyness and our noise and tugs at our hearts until… there we are — being, loving, giving, doing, serving, ministering. For that I say: “Thanks be to God.”