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Last summer at the 78th General Convention of the Episcopal Church one of the resolutions adopted called for the creation of a “churchwide Network of Partners on Latino/Hispanic Congregational Ministry Development to provide coaches and mentors who will work with congregations, lay leaders, clergy, and diocesan staff.” And this week — in Baltimore, Maryland — the first meeting of the Task Force for Latino-Hispanic Congregational Development & Sustainability  is taking place — chaired by our own Antonio Gallardo.

aid1886_antoniogallardostaff_42556622_4105_6065_u1_size321Antonio is our Pastor for Latino Ministries here at All Saints Church — as well as being a postulant for Holy Orders and a seminary student at Bloy House in Claremont. We are proud that the gifts he brings to the church have been both recognized and lifted up by the wider church and look forward to updates from him as this important work continues.

For the moment do keep Antonio and all the members of the task force in your prayers as they go about the work they have been given to do by our General Convention on behalf of all of us.

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