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From All Saints Rector, Ed Bacon:


Dear Friends –

I am writing to share the news that after a long illness, Clarke Oler died on Monday afternoon April 6th at the age of 89.

I am sure you will join me in a mix of profound sadness as well as deep gratitude for his life. We celebrate his impact on All Saints as a faith community, as well as on the lives of so many individuals in the parish through his ministry of Pastoral Care and his influence on the creation of our Covenant program – which became our new member and confirmation classes. A vibrant participant in the work and worship of All Saints Church for decades, Clarke was with us for both Palm Sunday and Easter services. We were so very blessed by his presence and by his life.

His children, John, Ellen and Kim, are in the process of making plans to celebrate Clarke’s life. I will keep you posed as those plans develop.


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