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On Sunday, April 27 at 10:15 AM, we welcomed Tom Hayden to the Rector’s Forum for a timely and challenging update on the ongoing conflict in the Ukraine.

Tom Hayden is a former State Senator and leader of Sixties peace, justice and environmental movements. As founder and Director of the Peace and Justice Resource Center Hayden has been a leading voice for ending the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan, and reforming politics through a more participatory democracy. And now he has turned those considerable gifts and attention to the Ukraine.

He writes “From the residue of the old Soviet Union, a new nationalist, nuclear-armed, resource-rich Russia has risen to challenge Western claims of triumphalism. The new Cold War is upon us, and the American elites have no suggestions except to fight it again.”

“This new Cold War is not all about communism taking over the world. It is more about returning to 19th century balance of power interests … about dividing up the spoils of the first Cold War among the triumphal capitalist democracies.”

Here is a recent article by Tom Hayden on this issue.