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The Rector Search Committee has worked steadily over the summer in its search for the next great Rector of All Saints Church. We are pleased to report that as a result of these efforts, the Committee has developed and is currently focusing on a strong, exciting and very diverse group of approximately 10 candidates. As we move into the fall, we hope soon to select a small number from this group for an increased level of consideration and to invite into mutual discernment.

How did we get to this point? Beginning in late May, we sought out and conferred with several Bishops, Cathedral Deans, Seminary Presidents and Deans, Rectors of prominent churches, and representatives of various national Episcopal organizations, all of whom know All Saints Church and its rich history, to ask for their recommendations of outstanding priests around the country for our consideration as potential prospects. We also received recommendations from members of our parish and from our parish staff. We have also considered each priest who applied in response to the posting of our position with the National Church and the Los Angeles Diocese.

From these various sources, we compiled a list of approximately 90 potential candidates and then began research on each of them to determine whether, on closer analysis, they appear to possess the qualities we identified in the Parish Profile as desirable for our next Rector. That list of qualities came from last Spring’s Focus Groups and Parish Survey, the results of which we summarized at the June 14 Rector’s Forum. The research we did on each prospect, coupled with additional cross-referencing from the people with whom we have conferred, enabled us to narrow our focus to the candidates on our current list.

Where do we go from here? Over the next few weeks, members of the Committee will be traveling to hear potential candidates preach. Following those trips, we hope to select our list of prospects we wish to invite into a thorough discussion and discernment process with us. We believe that we are at or slightly ahead of the schedule we have set for ourselves to enable the Vestry to call the next Rector by early spring of next year, although there is much work ahead before we get to that point.

If you have questions about the process, please don’t hesitate to ask any member of the Committee — but don’t be surprised if you find us somewhat circumspect about details at this point. We have now entered into the phase of the search where strict confidentiality about individual candidates is essential. We appreciate your understanding and your prayers as we continue this important and exciting work on your behalf.

Gloria Pitzer and Bob Long, Co-Chairs
The Rector Search Committee

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