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Sunday, June 19

In the wake of yet-another horrific act of gun violence in our nation we turn to two experts to inform and inspire us in the work of making #EnoughIsEnough not just hashtag but a reality.

We are honored to have mental Health professional Dr. Huey Merchant and retired legislator Jack Scott bring their expertise and wealth of knowledge to the Rector’s Forum this Sunday, June 19 at 10:15 a.m. Together they will explore both the “who” behind the epidemic of gun violence in our nation and the “how” we can be agents of change.

Just this week, the AMA declared gun deaths a “national health crisis” as reported in this news feature:

Days after the nation’s deadliest mass shooting, the American Medical Association (AMA) voted for the first time Tuesday to declare gun violence a “public health crisis” and to “actively lobby” to allow federal research on guns. The near-unanimous vote … will push to allow federally funded research to study gun violence like any other public health issue. The group will now renew its campaign against the 20-year-old government policy that has effectively banned research on guns — pitting itself against the group behind the provision, the National Rifle Association.

Join us for this important Forum as we come together not only to grieve the Orlando tragedy but to equip ourselves to be agents of healing to overcome the plague of gun violence that grips our nation.

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