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What Religious Liberty Is and Isn’t
Sunday, May 22

with Jennifer Pizer, Lambda Legal Law & Policy Director

The surge of anti-LGBT legislation across the country has dominated the news cycle putting homophobia and transphobia front-and-center in our civic discourse. A source of concern for all fair-minded Americans, this latest surge strikes a deep chord with people of faith who once again see their religion being hijacked as a weapon of mass discrimination. We can and we must raise our voices to organize and mobilize to partner with those fighting to push back these ill-conceived attacks on LGBT Americans and on the foundational American value of equal protection. And there is no one better on the planet to help us with that work than Lambda Legal’s Law & Policy Director – the fabulous Jennifer Pizer.

Jenny-PizerA national leader in policy development to protect same-sex couples and their families, Jennifer Pizer is a leading voice for ending marriage discrimination against lesbian and gay couples, for stopping anti-LGBT discrimination in employment, health care, and education, and against the misuse of religion to discriminate. In addition to litigating impact cases, she develops legislation, advises policymakers, and works with community advocates to advance family law and nondiscrimination protections, and to oppose overbroad religious exemptions.

What we know in our hearts is that the misuse of religion not only legislates discrimination against some Americans but undermines religious liberty for all Americans. What Jennifer Pizer will do is equip our heads with the information we need to organize and mobilize to be agents of the change we want to see as we work together to make “liberty & justice for all” not just a pledge we say but a reality we live. Join us for this important Forum. Invite your friends. Together we can make a difference!

Sunday, May 22nd at 10:15 a.m. in the All Saints Forum
For more information call 626.796.1172

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