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The mission of the music ministry is to lead the All Saints community in liturgies that glorify God, move the heart and challenge the mind—all with great variety, color and reverence. To support this, two adult choirs and five children’s/youth choirs (totaling more than 300 singers) work diligently and with great intensity to prepare and offer the finest music in a variety of styles and expressions. It is the intent of the program to grow musically, spiritually and in community. The department will continue to explore new ideas for the future, including working with colleagues, children, youth and adults to co-create a vision that allows the program to grow in service to the church and the community.

Adult Choirs

Each week, Coventry and Canterbury choirs gloriously lead worshipers in liturgical music that embraces a wide range of traditions and styles, from ancient plainsong to gospel music.

Children’s and Youth Choirs

The choir program provides an inclusive and spiritually nurturing community for children and youth from diverse backgrounds.

Music Staff Directory

Our music staff brings their extraordinary musicianship along with gifts of pastoral and spiritual leadership to the music ministry at All Saints Church.