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by Susan Russell

God of light and shadow, mystery and miracle: prepare our hearts to receive your precious gift of love. Reawaken us to the wonder of this holy season. Keep watch with us as we await the new advent of justice and compassion.

These words — from the prayer printed in the Sunday liturgy for meditation before the service begins — are words of both challenge and encouragement as we move into this Advent 2016 … keeping watch and awaiting a new advent of justice and compassion that arguably feels more distant than ever this year.

This morning it occurred to me that the historic oak tree at the center of the All Saints campus has been literally “keeping watch” as generations of All Saintsians have prayed their way through Advent.

It has witnessed decades of stands for peace, justice and equality by a congregation committed to putting faith into action on issues of social justice.

And today it canopies this banner — an outward and visible sign of our ongoing commitment to stand with our Muslim brothers and sisters and to stand against the toxin of Islamophobia that infects our nation.


Keep watch with us as we wait.
Keep watch with us as we witness.
Keep watch with us as we work to make your reign of love, justice and compassion a reality.

During the Season of Advent, we will offer daily meditations from All Saints Church. Today’s is written by Susan Russell, Senior Associate for Communication.