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Have you ever wondered what all of those beads are on the ribbons that the children’s and youth choirs wear around their neck? Each choir is color-coded and each chorister wears a cross. The beaded crosses tell a story and have a history that follows each chorister through the program. This tradition has been going on for many years at All Saints.

All starting choristers simply start out with a ribbon and a cross. Through the year, they are able to earn beads through attending services, concerts, playing instruments, doing readings, auditioning for solos, performing solos, and much more. The beads are given out at the end of each season at a chorister awards program. Beaded crosses are stored at All Saints and follow that chorister through the program and are taken home when they graduate.

Yellow Ribbon – Minisingers (PreK – Kindergarten)
Blue Ribbon – Mastersingers (1st – 2nd Graders)
Red Ribbon – Troubadours (3rd – 5th Graders)
Green Ribbon – Trouveres (6th – 12th Graders)

White – special services (Advent, Christmas, Easter, etc.)
Green – Spring Concert
Red – Bring a buddy to choir and buddy joins choir
Orange – Auditioned for a solo
Yellow – Soloist
Turquoise – Reader at a service
Purple – Played an instrument during a service
Pink – Superior Attendance
Silver – Participated in Chamber Choir or Vox Cambiata
Gold – Helped bead crosses
Multicolor Glass Beads – For never missing a performance during the year
Other Glass Beads – Special events such as Installation of a new Rector or performing with guest clinician
Black – Hymn Study

The choristers are proud of their beaded crosses. For them, it is an outward symbol of their time and dedication to the church, to the community they have formed over the years, and to music in worship. They love being a part of and adding to the worship experience at All Saints.

Thanks to Jenny Tisi for this look into the stories and symbols of the youth choir beads and crosses.

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