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For many years I have mainly stayed in my home except to go to doctor’s appointments. So when I was finally able to get out more, one of the first places I wanted to go was to All Saints. I had seen Ed Bacon on Oprah many years ago and it sounded like it might be the place for me. I was very anxious about a lot of things that could go wrong, but I gathered my courage and decided to try anyway.

I decided that God would accept my effort as an act of worship even if I had to turn around and go home. Would there be a parking place for me? Yes! Thank you God. I saw the steps at the front door. Oh no. I had done a dry run during the week, so I knew about the clearly marked handicapped entrance at the side, but I was nervous about being late and forgot about it.

A kind smiling face saw my confusion and directed me to the side entrance where I could go in with my walker. Yes, I was late, but no one made a big deal about it or stopped me from entering. Instead someone welcomed me and handed me a liturgy with large print. She also showed me an area specially designated for people like me to sit in their walkers or wheelchairs.

When a priest welcomes ALL who come to All Saints on their spiritual journey, I know that the “All” includes me too. Many thanks to All Saints and especially to the Accessibility Ministry for their sensitivity to and respect for those of us with special needs.

I recently attended my first meeting for the ministry and you may have seen me sitting in my walker at our table in the recent Celebration of Ministries. If so, I hope I smiled at you and made you feel as welcome and as joyful as you have made me feel.

All Saints Member
New Member Class of Spring 2016

This week our Featured Ministry is our Accessibility Ministry. Visit their table on the lawn on Sunday or their webpage for more information about their important work providing support and advocacy for people with disabilities as well as serving as an advisory committee to the church to identify barriers to participation, possibilities and access.

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