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EfM (Education for Ministry) is a four-year group seminar committed to equipping members to face the difficult and often subtle task of interpreting the richness of the church’s faith in a complex and confusing world. It provides a theological education which both supports faith and also teaches means to express that faith in day-to-day events.

Here’s what our two Class of 2017 EfM graduates had to say about their experience over the last four years:

“I think my favorite part of the EfM experience is the “one room schoolhouse” format so that each class of the four years’ students reviews their lessons for that week around the table for all of the other classes to hear, and in some cases, join in the discussion. The richness of that diversity has much more interesting than having everyone reading and discussing the same thing each week! And each year then becomes a bit of a review of the previous years, reinforcing earlier learnings – or taking them in new directions.” – Jim White

“The four year EfM journey takes one through interesting terrain. We wrestle, dissect, share, and grow together as a community in a one-room schoolhouse setting where students from all four years work through their lessons together. We walk together. We leave having a better foundation of knowledge about that which we have always believed and new things that we now see. And I believe, we have open hearts and open minds to carry us forward as we live into our lives with God.” – Gerti Regan Garner

If digging deeper into biblical texts, church history and theology in a systematic program undergirded by theological reflection and small group community appeals to you, EfM may be just your thing!

Visit the EfM table on the lawn on Sunday or the Greater Pasadena EfM website for more information.
[photo: Members — past and present — of ASC EfM. h/t Gerry Puhara]

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