Interfaith Day of Prayer & Resistance: Friday, September 8

Join us on Friday, September 8th for an interfaith prayer service, march and rally to fight for DACA and SB54 — the California Values Act. We will gather at La Plaza United Methodist Church at 10:00 am to pray and resist. We will then march together to the Ronald Reagan State Building at 300 S. Spring Street where All Saints rector Mike Kinman will be among those speaking to make our voices heard and to demand that SB54 be passed and DACA be preserved.

In this season of sacrifice and atonement for Jews (Yom Kippur), Muslims (Eid al-Adha) and Christians (Holy Cross), the multi-faith community of Los Angeles will gather to say that we have not given up on our obligation to care and fight for the most vulnerable among us. In this season of penitence and repentance, we accept that we have not done enough to fulfill our obligation of care for those who sought refuge among us.

However, we state unequivocally that we will not let this evil pass unremarked or unopposed. 800,000 people—some still children, some young adults—will be marked for deportation to countries that they might have no memory of. We will stand together to declare that as Pharaoh’s hardened heart was beaten into submission, we will bring the full force of our love and faith to oppose the cruelty of the Trump administration. We will not let Dreamers and immigrants be sacrificed to appease the Donald Trump’s base.

Instead, we will fight and defend them.

We demand that Congress pass the Dream Act with no exceptions.

We demand that the California State Legislature pass SB54.

As we blow the shofar/the ram’s horn of awakening and redemption this season, we will blow down the walls of cruelty, inhumanity, disregard for human life, greed, and apathy. We will stand between our children and deportation and fight for their futures and all of our futures in this country.

For more information, directions and details check out the FB Event.