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Ministries A-B


The Accessibility Ministry of All Saints Church is one of advocacy “Advocating for Disability Inclusion” — advocating for and advising the church and community about how to provide full inclusion for persons with disabilities and their families, whether they are members or visitor.

Addiction Recovery Ministries hosts a series of small groups pertaining to the 12-step recovery program and is open to people in all recovery programs.

Adult Choirs

Each week, Coventry and Canterbury choirs gloriously lead worshipers in liturgical music that embraces a wide range of traditions and styles, from ancient plainsong to gospel music.

Alternative Christmas Market

In the spirit of making God’s love tangible, the ACM brings together non-profit organizations that address social issues on a local, national, and international level to give you the opportunity to participate in socially conscious gift giving.


Baptisms for children are celebrated at Sunday services three times a year and on the afternoon before Easter Vigil. Families should be active in the community life at All Saints. Instruction is required for parents. Adults are baptized at the end of each New Member Class, three times a year at the Easter Vigil, in June and November.