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For years, All Saints has utilized video streaming technology to share church services, sermons and Rector’s Forums with the wide world — and made audio recordings of sermons available on iTunes. Now, we are kicking our media outreach up a notch with Studio ASC: a brand new podcast exploring the many faces of justice, compassion, activism and love in the world today.

A podcast is a kind of audio program, usually with episodes, that listeners can download from the Internet and play at their convenience on their computer, tablet or smartphone. Podcasting is extremely popular – people who analyze these sorts of things refer to 2016 as the “year of the podcast,” with 57 million Americans – 21% of the population – listening in at least once a month.

Given the importance All Saints places on personal narrative, it was only natural that we would, sooner or later, be drawn to this kind of expression.

And so today — May 1, 2017 — we launch the first episode of Studio ASC, a 30-minute podcast developed within our very own podcasting studio, which we have been creating over the last year in a glorified closet in the Parish office. (We soundproofed the room to keep the churn of the photocopying machines from interrupting our recording sessions.) A monthly podcast from All Saints Church, Studio ASC will look within and without the church to understand the ways in which faith and perseverance can heal the world. As we ramp up, we will be producing a new program every month, but our goal is to offer a new episode every two weeks.

So what will you hear in our first podcast? We have an interview with Mike Kinman discussing the meaning of activism. An excerpt from Amy Hunter’s recent Rector’s Forum, “Things White People Don’t Know.” A conversation between All Saints’ own youth ministers Jeremy Langill and Isaac Ruelas. And a live report from the Women’s March earlier this spring, featuring Muslim activist Edina Lekovic and Abraham’s Daughters.

Listen here now!

There will be more episodes to come, of course — featuring stories from within and without All Saints Church, as we explore the many faces of justice, compassion, activism and love in the world today. So tune in. Subscribe. Share. Spread the word. Happy Launch Day, Studio ASC!

For more information email hello@studioasc.net or call 626.583.2741
Rick Bolton: Executive Producer
Jason Luckett: Podcast Sound Technician
Susan Russell: Senior Associate for Communications
Keith Holeman: Communication Director