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The greatest dis-ease facing humanity is our profound and painful disconnection–and division? sometimes from God and ourselves, and from each other and our earth. How do we heal?  How do we face injustice and evil? In this latest Conspire event,  Richard Rohr offers us the opportunity to begin with a  foundational “yes” to who we are and what is.
Please join us on Saturday, May 20 for an exclusive viewing of Conspire 3.0: Everything Belongs.

The day will include video presentations by:
Richard Rohr: introducing “The Divine Dance:” God as Ultimate Participant rather than as Eternal Threatener and
James Alison: reflecting on the human propensity for scapegoating.

And we are delighted to welcome:
Christena Cleveland who will be with us live for the afternoon exploring the hidden forces that keep us apart.

My passion is integration.
I integrate
justice and reconciliation,
hope and lament,
social psychology and theology,
research and practice,
pro-blackness and pro-humanity,
truth and love,
contemplation and action.

In pursuit of a new reality
in which all people have an empowered seat at the table,
and there is no longer us and them
– but simply us.
Christena Cleveland

“Christena Cleveland is a social psychologist, public theologian, author and professor. As a child growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, Christena was exposed to the richness of cultural difference. The kids on her neighborhood block represented 9 different nationalities, where she quickly discovered that, “Be there in 5 minutes,” means different things depending on who’s saying it. At the multi-ethnic church that her parents planted, she learned that different cultures experience and perceive God differently – and that is a good thing.”Join us on May 20 to learn more from this transformative leader! Details below!

Saturday,May 20 | 9am- 5pm
Registration and Sign-in: 8:15-9:00
Morning Sessions
9:00- 12:00
Richard Rohr & James Alison (video)
Lunch (on your own)
Afternoon Session
1:30-5:00pm Christena Cleveland (live)

Register on the ASC website
$20 registration fee (some scholarships available)
Childcare will be provided by request by calling 626.583.2781 at least 24 hours in advance to reserve a space for child/ren
For more information contact Stasia Dahlstrom at sdahlstrom@allsaints-pas.org or 62.796.1172