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Sunday, March 19

Join us on Sunday evening, March 19th beginning at 5:00 p.m. for a Contemplative Eucharist. The meditative rhythm of choral and instrumental music combined with the silence and the beauty of the church architecture offers space for both reflection and renewal.

The homily is a musical offering and the prayers are said silently — with the invitation to light a candle at the altar rail or transept as outward and visible signs of the light we are called to shine in the world.

Vox Cambiata will offer “Make Space for Life to Live” by Michael John Trotta and the Youth Chamber Choir will offer “God be in My Head” by Andrea Ramsey. Both ensembles will combine for the homily piece: “Alway Something Sings” by Dan Forrest, based on the poetry by Ralph Waldo Emerson and directed by Jenny Tisi.
Susan Russell presides. Child care is available.

For more information contact Debbie Daniels at 626.583.2750 or ddaniels@allsaints-pas.org