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Turning marches into movements requires commitment, organization, resilience … and a plan. Here is the plan for a daily ritual for sacred resistance developed by the All Saints Church Peace & Justice team.

Let your elected official know, one or more of the following:
→ I support equal protection for the LGBTQ community and as a person of faith, I oppose so-called “religious freedom” initiatives that institutionalize discrimination
→ I support the Affordable Care Act and oppose its repeal, especially without a replacement plan
→ I support Planned Parenthood and oppose efforts to defund Planned Parenthood
→ I support women’s reproductive rights, here and around the world, and that includes access to education and birth control from health providers who also provide abortion services and I oppose the Global Gag Rule
→ I support a woman’s right to choice, I support Roe V. Wade and urge opposition to any Supreme Court Justice nominee that does not honor the decision
→ I believe climate change is real and that the public has a right to information regarding the work of the Environmental Protection Agency and I reject a gag on the EPA’s communication
→ I stand with the water protectors in North Dakota and urge opposition to the advancement of the DAPL
→ I stand in solidarity with the undocumented in our nation and oppose the creation of a wall between the US and Mexico as a solution to our nation’s immigration reform dilemma
→ I believe that there is more the U.S. can do to support refugees from around the world and oppose any effort to further limit the number of refugees entering the nation, especially those from particularly identified countries
→ I support the extension of the DACA program through the Bridge Act and oppose any effort to deport registered students that are part of the program
→→→ Or, share any other issue of concern!

1. Be clear that you are a constituent and state your City and Zip Code of residence
2. If possible, ask to speak with the staff person responsible for the issue(s) (health care, immigration, etc.)
3. Make sure the staff person you speak with tallies your comment
4. If you do not know how your elected official stands on the issue, ask the staff person and push for a firm response
5. Share personal, relevant, stories and you share your position and reasoning
6. Leave a message on the voice mail if calling after business hours
7. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get through easily/quickly … Keep trying!