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On Sunday, January 7 we launch our first-ever Epiphany Preaching Series. The series is entitled “A Season of Wisdom and Revelation”– and was described in the January issue of Saints Alive:

At All Saints Church we are committed to dismantling the structures of patriarchy and white supremacy that enslave us all. An important step in that direction is centering the voices of women and people of color and following their wisdom and leadership. That is why we are declaring Epiphany, 2018 “A Season of Wisdom and Revelation” where we will only have women of color in our pulpit on Sunday mornings — January 7 – February 11 — and we will be shaped and led by the Gospel they preach.

This week we are delighted to welcome the pulpit:

Lisa Sharon Harper (7:30, 9:00 & 11:15 a.m.) – Scholar, theologian and author; founder and president of FreedomRoad.us, columnist at Sojourners Magazine and Auburn Theological Seminary Senior Fellow.



Vivian Varela (1:00 p.m.) — Long-time member of All Saints Church and integral part of the 1pm Ministry Team; featured in the December Saints Alive “Spotlight” series and a former missionary and evangelist.

An awesome way to start the new year with inspiration from powerful and prophetic women. Join us!