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Each week we feature one ministry from the many that make up the work and witness of All Saints Church … and this week we feature the Holy Rakers with this story from Kimberli Hudson.

I had only been coming to All Saints for a month or so when the Holy Rakers had a table on the lawn, and I stopped excitedly to talk with them. I had moved to Pasadena from a beautiful six-acre property in Northern California where I grew most of my own food, had a full orchard, and ducks. Basically, a mini-farm.

In the massiveness of LA, I found lovely, human-scaled Pasadena, which I fell in love with. People smile at one another! And I found ASC, my spiritual home. However, I moved into a townhome where only container gardening was an option, which any gardener knows does not hold the same magic and balm for the mind and soul.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s certainly better than nothing, and I am grateful every day for my little oasis, but I had no idea how much I would miss real gardening! Did you know that research has proven the microbes in the soil help our immune systems and increase our serotonin levels, helping to battle illness and depression? We should all be gardening for our health! I was so excited to think that not only could I get my hands in the dirt, but I could give back to this lively, loving community in a way that brings joy to all people who walk by.

holy rakersOur mornings in the garden at All Saints are filled with laughter, friends, contemplative time with the earth, and of course baked goods. We all learn from each other about life and about the living things we are tending. We have the honor of making the outward face of our community beautiful and magical. Our monthly Saturday mornings have become a highlight on my month, and something I only miss when completely unavoidable. Come join us!

For more information on the Holy Rakers visit our website

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