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Each week we feature one ministry from the many that make up the work and witness of All Saints Church … and this week we feature the Lay Counseling Ministry with this reflection from lay counselor John Hyde.

Helping others to explore their feelings and discover solutions to their complex issues has been a powerful and rewarding experience for me as a Lay Counselor. In addition, I also enjoy the camaraderie of seventeen other counselors as we meet twice a month to expand and develop our skills. We welcomes fourteen new LCM members who are in training this fall, and I look forward to their participation in this ministry.

Being in the presence of my fellow counselors who are committed to making God’s love tangible by helping others in this way, experiencing their insights, love, compassion and skill is profound and supports us in our work.

Over the years we have helped many bring back joy into their lives. Maybe you know someone who we have helped or someone we could help with their problems large or small. It’s a pleasure to do what we do and should there come a time when you are considering counseling I hope you’ll remember that we’re right here at All Saints ready to help.

For more information on the Lay Counseling Ministry visit their webpage or their table on the lawn this Sunday, December 3rd.

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