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A Welcome Stop on My Journey of Faith
by Christine Hartman

My family and I started coming to All Saints in 2012 and we immediately fell in love with it. Fairly quickly, I became interested in signing up for the New Member class but the dates and times never really lined up for me. As I got more involved in All Saints, I realized that attending the class would be a helpful component of my journey. I wanted to know more about the Episcopal church in general and more about All Saints in particular. This seemed to be the way to do it.

I really didn’t know what to expect. Would there be suggested reading assignments? Informative PowerPoint presentations? Moving talks from priests and staff with some Q&A at the end? Tasty snacks? The answer was YES to all of the above. And yet the class was so much more.

What I wasn’t expecting was the profound connection I had with the people in the small group I was privileged to spend time with each week. This handful of unique individuals, each with a different reason for being in that room, became an important touchstone for me during the course of the 6-week class. Something would happen during the week and I’d find myself thinking, “I have GOT to tell my small group about this!” Our leader was engaging and compassionate, and we opened ourselves up to each other in a way that was genuine and accepting (even for introverts!)

All Saints is a vibrant place, humming with activity and people. It’s also quite large, and even in such a welcoming community a person could potentially feel lost in the crowd or alone among many. Connecting with others in a deeply personal way, in a safe, comfortable environment has been invaluable. It’s making my journey of faith that much sweeter.

I officially became a new member at the Great Easter Vigil service on April 15, 2017 along with everyone in my small group. I will never forget that night filled with the cacophony of bells and the new Alleluia joy of Easter. But the best part was hugging my fellow travelers on this journey and knowing we are in it together.

Our New Member Class is for people from other faith traditions, people from no faith tradition, and lifelong Episcopalians! Share your stories in small groups, meet staff leaders, and explore All Saints Church to help you decide if membership is right for you. Spring classes meet on Sunday evenings, 6:30–8:30 p.m., May 21-June 25. Sign up starting April 30. For more information contact Jamie Hebert 626.583.2765 or jhebert@allsaints-pas.org.