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June is a full, rich month of celebration and inspiration at All Saints Church — with a diverse line up of preachers in the ASC pulpit. Youth Sunday, Pride Sunday, a visit from our Bishop Coadjutor-elect and a historic “joint sermon” by two beloved staff members … you’re not going to want to miss a thing!

3YouthPreachersSunday, June 4: The youth of All Saints are not just the leaders of the future — they are the leaders of the “now.” In worship, music, action and governance the active, dynamic presence of our fabulous young people are a key component of the “all” in All Saints. On Sunday, June 4, we focus on their leadership, work and witness with three powerful young women as our youth preachers — along with youth in liturgical leadership on the Feast of Pentecost. Youth Sunday preachers (pictured above) are: Annmarette Vera (7:30 a.m.) | Anneke DiPietro (9:00 a.m.) |  Andie Braun (11:15 a.m.)

susan head shot_CamSunday, June 11: On Sunday, June 11th, marchers will take to the streets around the nation for demonstrations in support of LGBTQ Equality. Here in Los Angeles our annual Pride Parade is being replaced by #Resist March – described by organizers as “a peaceful declaration of resistance against the gathering forces in government that intend to take away our hard-won basic human rights.” Members of All Saints Church will join the Diocese of Los Angeles marching contingent – and here in Pasadena we will offer special intentions and prayers that Sunday for their work and witness as we continue to resist efforts to reverse the gains made toward equality. Susan Russell will preach at 7:30, 9:00 & 11:15 a.m.

john taylorSunday, June 18: On Saturday, July 8, the Reverend John Taylor will be ordained as the Bishop Coadjutor of the Diocese of Los Angeles … meaning he will succeed our Diocesan Bishop Jon Bruno when he retires in December. We are delighted that one of his last stops before he begins his ministry as a bishop will be here at All Saints Church on Sunday, June 18th, when he will be in the pulpit at 9:00 & 11:15 a.m. and also in the Rector’s Forum at 10:15. Don’t miss this chance to get to know our soon-to-be bishop and learn about his hopes and vision for the diocese — as well as some of his history with All Saints.

james zeldaSunday, June 25: The last Sunday in June will be a bittersweet day as we bid farewell to two brilliant staff members who have left an indelible imprint on All Saints Church — touching hearts, lives and souls over decades of pastoral care and music ministry. As we send them off — Zelda Kennedy into retirement and James Walker into a new chapter as freelance musician, conductor and teacher — we will be treated to an historic “joint sermon” as they share the pulpit on their final Sunday at All Saints. Another “don’t miss” Sunday as we celebrate these beloved colleagues and friends.

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