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“Remember that you are stardust and to stardust you shall return” was the quote over this picture when it appeared on my Facebook feed …

Ludovic Florent, 2014 exhibit, "Pousierres d'etoiles" (stardust)

Ludovic Florent, 2014 exhibit, “Pousierres d’etoiles” (stardust)

… reminding me of this poem by Joyce Rupp:


Lent 2001

The cosmos dreams in me
while I wait in stillness,
ready to lean a little further
into the heart of the Holy.

I, a little blip of life,
a wisp of unassuming love,
a quickly passing breeze,
come once more into Lent.

No need to sign me
with the black bleeding ash
of palms, fried and baked.
I know my humus place.

This Lent I will sail
on the graced wings of desire,
yearning to go deeper
to the place where
I am one in the One.

Oh, may I go there soon,
in the same breath
that takes me to the stars
when the cosmos dreams in me.

— Joyce Rupp

Today’s Daily Lenten Meditation is by Susan Russell, our Senior Associate for Communication. Watch for daily postings from All Saints Church as we take the forty day journey to Easter together.

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