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On Monday, October 9th All Saints’ rector Mike Kinman and Azusa Street Mission pastor Fred Berry were the guests for a KPCC segment on a Christian response to gun legislation.

Here is some of what Mike said during the segment:

“The problem with thoughts and prayers is it’s one of those things that at its core is good. We want to think well. We want to pray. We believe in the power of thought. We believe in the power of prayers. But what I believe is that thought and prayer only matter if it translates into action.

When thought and prayer becomes a deflection from action or even a deflection from a conversation that confronts the real issues that are at play here, then just saying “thought and prayer” — there really is a tone of blasphemy to that.”

“We’re not a theocracy: it’s not a job for the church to make the laws. But we’re supposed to be a clarion voice for morality, equity, and justice. And that means we believe thou shalt not kill. And that we should be a voice that says anything that makes it easier to kill, we stand against, and we are always for mitigating those factors, and we are always for decreasing the opportunity for death.”

You’ll want to listen to it all. Click here for the audio feed … and give thanks for all those standing up, speaking out and searching for ways to end the scourge of gun violence that plagues our nation.