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Peace & Justice

The ministries of our Peace & Justice department call us to the courageous and risk-filled work of embodying our baptismal promise to strive for justice and peace and respect the dignity of every human being.

Alternative Christmas Market

In the spirit of making God’s love tangible, the ACM brings together non-profit organizations that address social issues on a local, national, and international level to give you the opportunity to participate in socially conscious gift giving.

Climate Change

Racial Justice Ministry

The Racial Justice Ministry, COLORS’ (Christians Offering Love to Overcome Racism in Society) mission is to challenge bias and racism in ourselves and in our communities both locally and nationally.

Death Penalty/Prison

The Death Penalty Ministry is dedicated to public policy efforts to abolish the death penalty, assisting with execution vigils and planning educational activities in the community.

Economic Justice


EDEN (Environmental Defense of the Earth Now) recognizes the need for harmonious interdependence of natural and human-made environments and works to build a healthy, sustainable world for all God’s creation.

Gun Violence

Interfaith Study Group

The Interfaith Study Group is a joint effort by All Saints, the Islamic Center of Southern California, and the Pasadena Jewish Temple and Center to learn and appreciate the commonalities and differences between our religious faiths.


Remembering Jesus’s commandment to love our neighbor as ourselves, the Immigration Task Force (ITF) seks to educate the parish and the community about the plight of immigrants and the root causes of migration.

Marriage Equality

Middle East Ministry

Middle East Ministry (MEM) advocates for justice, peace and reconciliation between Israel and Palestine. MEM also seeks to educate the parish and community by sponsoring speakers, films and other up-to-date presentations on the situation in Palestine and Israel.

Sustainable World

This dynamic ministry promotes and supports a socially responsible local and world economy that values life, earth’s resources and spiritual community through personal choices, education and public action


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