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We have received news that in the past 24 hours, our beloved sister Zelda Kennedy has entered into a rapid decline and is transitioning toward death and the next life.

After returning to North Carolina to be with her daughter, April, the cancer began to spread far more aggressively than expected and was resistant to treatment. She has lapsed into unconsciousness, is in no pain and is surrounded by family and friends. Greg Adams and rector emeritus Ed Bacon are with her bearing the love of the entire All Saints Church community.

Her loss will be great for so many of us. As Zelda preached in her final sermon with us, “no matter where you are, what matters is how you care,” and it is a time for us to care for each other and to surround Zelda in prayer as she makes her transition. We will open the church at noon today for anyone who wishes to gather in the chapel to keep vigil, pray, share stories, and just be together as we hold Zelda and her family in our hearts.

Please continue to pray wherever you are. We will let you know more news when we have it.

When we share comfort, healing, forgiveness, and acceptance with one another, we become one together, leaning and depending on one another. As community, we learn that we do not have to bear our burdens alone. We have each other.” – The Reverend Zelda Kennedy