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The Vestry of All Saints Church met on Tuesday, May 30th for its regular monthly meeting. The meeting began with a reflection led by rector Mike Kinman which included a reading of the Pentecost story from the Book of Acts … and a focusing exercise on “Pentecost Jesus” with examples of seeing Jesus from many cultures as another way we proclaim the Good News in many “languages” so all can hear, understand and follow.

darius smithThe opening exercise also included a reprise of Traci Blackmon’s powerful question “How are the children?” (which was part of our May 5/6 Vestry/Staff conference) and the photo and story of the killing just last week of 15 year old Darius Smith in Arcadia. The sobering answer is: The children are not well. (Watch the Traci Blackmon video clip here.)

Highlights of this month’s meeting included:

  • Certifying the 2016 Parochial Report
  • Review of the Vestry/Staff Conference and convening a Reconciliation Task Force to continue and widen the work we began together.
  • Taking steps to move forward with the creation of the Racial Justice Advisory Board as called for in the 2016 Racial Justice Resolution.
  • Decisions to expand leadership on vestry committees to allow inclusion of non-vestry members and to fund instrumental musicians for All Saints Sunday.
  • Communication 101 presentation on multiplatform communication and update on various ASC platforms.

For more info on the All Saints Vestry, visit our website.
The next meeting of the Vestry is Tuesday, June 27 at 7pm in Sweetland Hall. All Vestry meetings are open meetings and visitors are most welcome.

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