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by Susan Johnson

An ongoing series spotlighting the amazing individuals who make up the “we” in We Are All Saints.

Samantha Lee Harris is a third generation All Saints’er. Not many of us can claim that distinction. She recognizes that All Saints is unique and she is very happy to be a part of all that it has to offer. She likes the way the worship service is conducted. She sees All Saints as a community of people with whom she can talk. The youth of the church are people who share her interests. The adults are generous mentors.

Samantha is a member of the Trouveres and has been a part of the children and youth music programs since kindergarten. Music began to have true meaning when she was able to create harmonies that were both challenging and stirring.

She has participated in Youth events such as SEEKERS (in 9th grade), the 30-Hour Fast, and the annual Youth Transformational Journey. She has been an acolyte since 6th grade. Her favorite place in the church is the Guild Room. It is quiet and a great place to wait (while Mom – Canterbury soprano soloist Elizabeth Tatum – finishes rehearsal.)

Samantha enjoys helping out. She has worked with Keith Holeman, learning the art of videography. Some of her work was included in the video annual report for 2017. She has also had formal photography training from ASC photographer Cam Sanders while assisting him in photo shoots. She has photographed events for All Saints and her photos have been used in church publications.

Her volunteering extends beyond All Saints: she was a violin mentor with Harmony Project Longfellow for five years, a Leader in Training with Destination Science summer camp, and participates in the Johns Hopkins University “Center for Talented Youth” academic program.

Samantha shares her home with her mom and grandmother Sarah Harris, and feline Star, who belongs to her and her mom; feline Pepper, who belongs to grandmother; and canine Bean, claimed by everyone.

Her favorites:
Color: dark purple
Food: chocolate
Holiday: Christmas
Season: fall – her birthday is in September
Alone time activities: sleeping, drawing, reading
Reads: mysteries, crime novels – she likes to figure things out

Samantha, an AP student and National Honor Society member, is a rising junior at Marshall Fundamental Secondary School. Her favorite classes are science – she likes learning about new things – and computers – these lead her to what she truly loves to create: animation. She draws constantly. She has notebooks filled with her drawings. Her style is Japanese anime (an abbreviated version of the word animation). Her attraction to these hand-drawn characters was intensified by a 3-D art class she took in school this year. She also attended a technology camp – ID Tech – at Loyola Marymount. She will be taking a graphic design class in the coming year. In her future Samantha would like to work for Pixar!

This creativity has extended to an interest in Japan and Japanese culture. She would like to travel there and learn more about the country and its people.

Samantha is a serious young woman and a real asset to our All Saints’ community!

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