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A Message from Mike Kinman, Rector of All Saints Church

On Wednesday, March 8 – International Women’s Day – the organizers of the Women’s March are calling for “A Day Without A Woman” – to highlight how crucial women are to the US and global economies and to all of our common life. Women are being invited to refrain from paid and unpaid work, and men are being asked to lean into the experience and better appreciate the labor provided by women in the workplace (as well as to advocate for equal pay and adequate paid family leave for women).

As we live in a society that undervalues women in nearly every respect, this action deserves our full support and participation. So I am inviting all women who work at All Saints Church to participate in this action by not coming to work on Wednesday, March 8 – without loss of pay or personal day.

This will be a disruption in our routine and will require some significant adjustment on behalf of the men who work at All Saints Church … but that is appropriate since the point of the action is for us to get a sense of how crucial women are to our everyday lives.

This will not be a day of business as usual …

I fully realize this will cause delays in some work being done. This may mean that things may not be able to happen.

The ripple effects of this might be felt for awhile, too. And that’s OK.

Because this is not just a one-time solidarity event but an ongoing educational opportunity as well — and All Saints Church is proud to stand with all those standing for women on International Women’s Day.

For more information: email info@allsaints-pas.org or  call 626.796.1172