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Annual Giving & FAQs

Your pledge helps support all of the ministries and programs of All Saints Church. You can easily pledge online, or call Jim Loduha in the Giving Office at 626.583.2736.

The annual pledge campaign will unfold in a new way this year. Rather than being four consecutive weeks during October, the campaign will be woven throughout the fall season. Some Sundays the campaign will have visible presence in church, while other Sundays will be quiet or only have updates and news printed in the liturgies. The most notable part of the calendar changes will be Presentation Sunday, the day when all pledges are printed on scrolls and carried to the altar for a special blessing. Instead of that happening the last Sunday of October, it will be on January 8. This will offer a wonderful way to launch our new fiscal year – which runs January through December. Just make sure not wait until Presentation Sunday to pledge, so that we can include as many pledges as possible on the scrolls for this wonderful tradition.

Our 2017 Pledge Goal: $4,231,223

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Did you know?

• Our budget for 2017 will be based on the pledges we receive beginning this week. More than 88% of our budget comes from your pledges.

• A pledge is a financial commitment to support our mission. The average pledge for 2016 is $3,227.

• A tithe is 10% of one’s income. Many at All Saints strive to reach a tithe each year.

• You can contribute toward your pledge in several ways:
o Check or cash. If you pay by check or cash, make sure your name and envelope number are clearly marked.
o Automatic bank payments. This is the best and easiest way to stay consistent with your pledge. You can arrange on your bank’s website for All Saints to receive automatic payments from your checking or savings account. Just make sure to adjust the amount to reflect your new 2017 pledge.
o Stock. You can arrange for the transfer of appreciated stock directly to All Saints Church.
o Credit card payments. The Giving Office can set up automatic payments on your credit card. By adding an extra amount to your contribution, you will help us cover the expense of processing fees.


Q: What is a pledge?

A: A pledge is a financial promise. Each autumn, we renew our commitment to one another and the ministry of All Saints Church by making a financial pledge. A pledge may be changed as needed throughout the year by calling the stewardship office. Fill out a pledge form.

Q: Why is my annual pledge important?

A: Annual pledges support everything we do and are at All Saints Church—from supporting our outreach ministries to our musical offerings to having outstanding staff. Every pledge matters and even a modest increase in your yearly personal giving is magnified dramatically when our entire community gives together.

Q: How much should I give with an annual pledge?

A: We ask each person to consider making a pledge that is bold yet achievable based on his or her financial situation. A tithe (10% of one’s income) is a goal many at All Saints strive for each year.

Q: When should I pledge?

A: We ask everyone to make a pledge beginning in October for the following year so that we can plan our budget for the coming year. Of course, new pledges are welcomed throughout the year.

Q: When do I pay my pledge?

A: Many people fulfill their pledge monthly, quarterly, or even in one payment. However, you may fulfill your pledge in as many payments as you wish throughout the year. Pledges are fulfilled on a calendar year basis, beginning January 1.

Q: How can I pledge when I don’t know what I can afford during the next year?

A: Many people who have fluctuating incomes commit a base pledge they know is achievable, and contribute over and above that pledge as their circumstances allow.

Q: Does All Saints live within its means?

A: All Saints does live within its means, and each year the Vestry adopts a balanced budget. Your pledge made during the annual pledge campaign is critical to establish that budget, as our income projections are based primarily on pledges that we receive. If pledges are not received, then adjustments are made in the church’s budget and programming, sometimes during the program year, which is why we close every year in the black.

Q: How does All Saints spend the money we give?

A: All Saints has many specific budget areas, combined into the following categories:



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