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Each week we feature one ministry from the many that make up the work and witness of All Saints Church … and this week we feature the Accessibility Ministry with this reflection from the inimitable Kay Ellis.

I became involved with the Accessibility Ministry after my first visit to All Saints Church, one weekday summer afternoon in 2004. I got out of my car, saw the church doors wide open and walked toward the entrance.  I saw the steps, said a quiet “Oh sh**” and climbed the steps.  I have disliked steps all my life since having Rheumatoid Arthritis at age two.

Accessibility has been a lifelong need of mine. So after falling in love with this church, getting used to its “radical inclusive love,” I was delighted to learn that there was an accessibility ministry.  I was in!

Inclusion, “turning the human race into the human family” is a fundamental need for me. I love being a part of a community determined to being accessible in so many ways and putting words into action. The accessible door and ongoing staff education (awareness?) to accommodate people with special needs make me proud to be a member of this remarkable church.

To find our more about the Accessibility Ministry, visit their webpage.

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