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Following a presidential campaign marked by incendiary racial statements, the stoking of white racial resentment and attacks on so-called “political correctness,” the Southern Poverty Law Center issued a sobering report counting 867 hate incidents around the country in the first 10 days after the election.

The largest portion (323 incidents) occurred on university campuses or in K-12 schools. Anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim (329) incidents were dominant, followed by anti-black (187), anti-Semitic (100), anti-LGBT (95), anti-woman (40) and white nationalist (32). A small sampling (23) were anti-Trump.

The impact of this intersectionality of racist, misogynist, and xenophobic trauma has been widespread — leaving many of us angry, afraid, and overwhelmed. In response and in collaboration with the Kaleidoscope Institute, All Saints Church has developed a three-phase program: Healing for Action.

Coordinated by All Saints staff members Antonio Gallardo, Sally Howard and Isaac Ruelas, Healing for Action will equip participants to understand and integrate their feelings about the current political landscape in order to strengthen their sense of agency and find their unique call to action.

The first phase [consisting of two sessions] will be dedicated to brave and safe spaces — designed and structured to promote individual and collective trust among the participants. Those who attend will have options to gather in small groups — as a diverse community and/or in self-identified groups — to express experiences and feelings being triggered by our new Administration. There will be opportunities to connect with others in our community along with education around identifying feelings and how we move forward.

The second phase [session three] will focus on exploring individual narratives — especially as they are impacted by trauma — and creating new stories that empower particpants to greater freedom and agency.

The last phase [session four] will focus on each individual finding their unique call and moving into action.

All are welcome! (Childcare provided)

Mark your calendars now for our first brave and safe space session on March 9th from 6:00 – 8:30 p.m. in Sweetland Hall. Sign up online here or visit the sign-up center on Sunday. For more information contact Ada Ramirez at 626.583.2734 or aramirez@allsaints-pas.org.