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Saturday, April 1st

All Saints Church will be the venue for Responding to Fear and the Crises of our Time with the Spirituality of Francis of Assisi and Thomas Merton — a Lenten Retreat with Dan Horan. Over the last year we have witnessed an increase in racism, xenophobia, misogyny, and other forms of fear of the ‘other’ in our society. This day-long retreat/workshop seeks to draw on the rich spiritual traditions of Francis of Assisi and the late Trappist monk and writer Thomas Merton to provide us with resources for both prayer and action.

Francis is widely recognized, by believers and nonbelievers alike, as one of the world’s great spiritual masters and peacemakers, a prophet whose insights continue to speak to a broken world. Merton was described by Pope Francis in 2015 as “above all a man of prayer, a thinker who challenged the certitudes of his time and opened new horizons for souls and for the church. He was also a man of dialogue, a promoter of peace between peoples and religions.” And Dan Horan — a Franciscan Friar and priest — is the author of more than 120 popular and scholarly articles including “God Is Not Fair and other Reasons for Gratitude” (2016). A frequent lecturer and retreat director throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe (including our ASC Advent 2015 retreat) we are delighted to welcome him back to All Saints Church

The retreat day is Saturday, April 1, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm at All Saints Church.
Registration is $48; register at www.stillpointca.org

Dan Horan will be also be our Rector’s Forum speaker on Sunday, April 2nd presenting “Fear: The Enemy of Christian Discipleship” at 10:15 a.m. For more information call 626.796.1172.