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Flowers are often gifted as an expression of love and friendship, gratitude or celebration. Just think about the last time someone gave you flowers. Wasn’t it fun, surprising and exhilarating? It is amazing how the simple gesture of being given flowers can make us feel so much and how we can look at the them resting in their vase in our home or office – and feel … so blessed. Why do we all too often, wait, to be gifted flowers?

A friend of mine once shared a story of how she purchased a gorgeous vase and how she waited to fill it with flowers given to her. Well, she waited for years. Her vase remained empty and her heart ached for the receipt of a symbol of affection. Then one day, it occurred to her…she could fill her own vase. She didn’t have to wait to have someone present her with flowers to express their feelings for her. She could gift HERSELF and tell HERSELF that she is loved, valued, and appreciated.

What a thought? Self love. Self care. Self appreciation. It is not always our go-to thinking or being. And, it really should be. It really can be.

MyFlowersSo, every now and then, I try to make a point of going to the store and treating myself to some flowers to fill my vase. Maybe I had a great week I want to celebrate. Perhaps I am feeling tender from a rough day and I need heeling. In any case, I try to fill my need for affirmation and reject waiting or expecting someone else to do it for me.


This Lent, if you have an empty vase sitting at your home or office, I encourage you to intentionally fill it with flowers dedicated to most special person in the world – YOU!

You are worth celebrating.
You deserve it.
You are beautiful.
You’ve been through a lot.
You have a lot ahead of you.
You are loved by God.

*Image: Flowers I gave myself last week – a week filled with many highs and lows. I fell in love with these yellow roses with just a hint of red at their tips. They make me so happy as I look at them in my kitchen each day.

Today’s Daily Lenten Meditation is by Juliana Serrano, Senior Associate for Peace & Justice/Office of Creative Connections. Watch for daily postings from All Saints Church as we take the forty day journey to Easter together.