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Each week we feature one ministry from the many that make up the work and witness of All Saints Church … and this week we feature the Labyrinth Ministry. An ancient spiritual tool — one found in almost all religious traditions in various forms around the world — our labyrinth is a replica of the Chartres labyrinth, laid in the floor of Chartres Cathedral in France around 1220. To walk the labyrinth is to follow a tradition steeped in spiritual mystery practiced all over the world. Here are some reflections from members of our Labyrinth Ministry:

‘The labyrinth continues to be a place where I can walk deeply in meditation allowing the gentle turns to guide my mind to a place of stillness and divine connection. The breath effortlessly flows with the walking so that I can always find new clarity and a stronger commitment to live into my truth. What a gift!” Peggy Burt

“When I’m encountering crowded freeways, misplaced car keys, slow computers and burnt hamburgers….(I think most of us experience a similar list!)….and take the opportunity to step into the Labyrinth … that quiet, gentle space where I can see the world as a dynamic place … busy and calm, sure and confusing, joyful and challenging … and as the path takes me to the Center, I often feel God’s Presence nurturing me with … Be still … you are my beloved.” Susan Adkins

“When I first walked the labyrinth (at San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral) I expected train wrecks of folks bumping into one another; instead my journey to the center was without incident and carefully following the path focused my mind and calmed my spirit in surprising and wonderful ways!” Ralph Perry

“The labyrinth, surrounded by silence models silence which I bring into myself; its path and turns encourage me to focus on that inner silence; I use the walk as a welcome gift and opportunity to be silent and to listen.” Susan Houser

For more information on the Labyrinth Ministry visit their page on the All Saints website.

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