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Jesus was a revolutionary zealot. This truth might have been nearly lost to history, but it is re-emerging with greater frequency and deep ferocity. As intersectional revolutionary movements of liberation spring up throughout our nation and around the world, we are meeting once again the historical Jesus who was convicted of sedition and executed by the state. And we are realizing he has a claim on our life that is deeply entwined with liberation and justice for all.

“The memory of the revolutionary zealot who walked across Galilee gathering an army of disciples with the goal of establishing the Kingdom of God on earth, the magnetic preacher who defied the authority of the Temple priesthood in Jerusalem, the radical Jewish nationalist who challenged the Roman occupation and lost, has been almost completely lost to history.” ~ Reza Aslan

We pray this Lent for the wisdom to know our history in order to take our place in it — and the grace to follow Jesus on this Lenten journey and beyond.

Today’s Daily Lenten Meditation is by Mike Kinman, Rector of All Saints Church. Watch for daily postings from All Saints Church as we take the forty day journey to Easter together.