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In response to the onslaught of “Breaking News” from Washington during the first five days of the new presidential administration, All Saints Rector Mike Kinman issued the following statement:

Tragically, in the opening days of his administration, President Trump has been utterly consistent, ruling as he campaigned – by stoking fear and hatred, targeting the most vulnerable among us, and lying to the nation in the most transparent of ways. As followers of Jesus, our call has never been more clear. If you are an immigrant, we stand together. If you are a woman, we stand together. If you are an LGBTQ image of God, we stand together. If you are a Muslim, we stand together. If you are a person of color, we stand together. If you are a scientist, we stand together.

Our message to this president and his administration is clear and simple: Who you see as a ‘them’ or an ‘other’ is a part of ‘us.’ Who you tell us to fear and hate, we will love and embrace. And we stand together. Come for any of us and you come for all of us. The power of God’s love is stronger than the power of your hate. The power of our hope is stronger than your fear.

And our message to President Trump is this: “Mr. President, we pray that you will change your heart and embrace the sacred trust of your office, but if you continue to betray it, we will take that trust upon ourselves and preserve, protect and defend not only the Constitution of the United States but the rights of all God’s children, everywhere.”